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Snakes & Ladders Stories is a story-telling game for one or more players.

While this is a framework for telling stories - it is also a (simple) game with real win and loss conditions.

There is no maximum player count, but there would be a lot of down time with more than four.

  • Prints one two-sided rules page.
  • You need a set of Rory's Story Cubes.
  • You need a Snakes & Ladders game.
  • You need some small sticky notes or paper chits
  • At least one D6. One per player if you like.
  • If you are writing the stories as you play, then you need something to write on; paper, computer, tablet, etc.

The game plays as Snakes & Ladders, but you roll a number of Cubes equal to your movement each turn. You then use those to add to your story, taking an upturn on a ladder and a downturn on a snake.

There are new rules for conflict (landing on the same space) and for the final show-down at game end.


SaLS draft 0.1.pdf 597 kB

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